LED Aquarium Lights

LED aquarium lights are beginning to offer a very interesting source of illumination for the aquarium. As of yet, however, very few lighting solutions have been adapted for the standard fish tank system. They have not reached the critical mass required to bring their price into the range that will create the demand I foresee.

Light Emitting Diodes are becoming common in quite a wide variety of implementations. Flashlights, low energy lighting applications ranging from solar power driven lighting to applications that need to take advantage of the extreme longevity of the diodes.

Usually in very difficult applications where low energy requirements and extraordinary durability.

The low voltage required as well as the ability to create submersible lighting makes the LED a great candidate for the aquarium situation.

LED lighting is very energy efficient, using the least amount of energy of all the present lighting solutions presently used in the aquarium. Besides the savings from energy usage, the lights are composed of a varying number of diodes to satisfy almost any type of lighting requirement in the aquarium.

I have seen the same fixture used for the Halogen bulbs in the Fluval Edge used with a replacement LED bulb. The immediate effect was that the regular failure of the transformers stopped and the system has been running perfectly ever since. In addition the light output is, at least subjectively, much greater.

There are now a number of LED aquarium lights available on the market. Many of them are strip lights that are useful for a number of standard aquarium sizes.

These combine a lot of small diodes together, and this can allow the manufacturer to begin to customize the light output to the exact requirements of particular type of aquarium environment. These can be specialized to offer the right light for salt water aquariums and freshwater plant aquascapes.

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