Aquarium Snails

Aquarium snails are often seen in an aquarium, and in almost every case, they were not originally a part of the plan.

Snails can provide some definite benefits as a few individuals can devour quite a bit of waste as they travel around the surfaces of the aquarium. They don’t chase other fish. If you do want to add one or two, Mystery snails are often available at a local pet store.

More often than not, the snails that arrive are from live plants that were carriers and not noticed or identified when the plants were added.

The problem is that even one snail added as a hitchhiker on the plants will often become the parent of a rapidly growing snail population. Fish tank snails can be become difficult to control.

They can easily overrun an aquarium with their offspring and cause quite a bit of trouble in removing them. I have seen aquariums with such a problem that the aquarium gravel seemed to be in constant motion from the small conical snail population that was so dense!

There are snail products that can be used to kill the unwanted snails. In my experience these are often extremely effective, killing the population off almost completely, and quite swiftly.

The problem here is that a dead snail creates a huge amount of pollution. More often than not, the tank becomes so polluted by the dead snails that the entire tank becomes completely unbalanced.

If you only have a few snails, remove them by hand as they are identified. Avoid the chance of wiping out the system from rotting dead snails. If there are a lot of snails, removing them by hand becomes even more important.

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