Keep Cats Out
of an Outdoor Pond


How do i keep cats out of my outdoor fish pond

  • Aquarium Size?: More than 80 gallons
  • Aquarium Age?: Over three years
  • Type of community?: Species aquarium
  • Number of fish in the aquarium?: 6-10
  • Country: United States


Something like this Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler might work it does get good reviews, even for cats.

It is difficult to keep cats out of an area where there is a pool full of fish just waiting to be stalked. To be honest, I don't keep fish outside. Right now it is well below freezing here in Montreal, and all the fish that are kept in pond and other water features during the summer months are either kept safely inside or hibernating if the ponds they inhabit are deep enough. As far as protecting fish from outside predators, the only safe way, for both the fish and the animals that are stalking them is a proper fence. Most of these, however, are easily scaled by cats who are great at climbing anyway.

There are products like netting that are sold to protect the fish from birds preying on them. But very little protection is ever offered to the pond from dogs, cats and other animals that use the pond to drink from. As mentioned, a fence will usually keep may pf the predators such as dogs out, but unless the fence is made to be racoon or cat proof, there is little that I know of that can be done to prevent this type of predation.

I wish could help in this matter, but I do not keep outdoor pools and as such am not in a position to offer any opinions, expert or otherwise. I do warn against trying to use any chemicals to deter the pets and pests from approaching the pool. And often a fence right on the outside perimeter of the pool will be unsightly. So. it is usually ignored as an option, unless. like a swimming pool, the entire yard area around it must be protected from unauthorized use by children. I wish I could help, but as I mentioned on the web, I am not going to try to solve a problem that I am not qualified to offer advice on, it could easily do more damage than it is worth.

Sorry to disappoint, my expertise is centered on indoor aquariums where the simple solution is to have a full canopy cover the entire surface area and prevent paws from being able to do any unauthorized fishing. Often the furniture must be moved away from an inquisitive cate to prevent access to the canopy, but otherwise, I simply can't offer any really useful solutions to prevent keep cats out.

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