Tropical Fish Species
for the Aquarium

Over the past five decades we've kept almost every type of tropical fish species possible. From the first guppy and swordtail to live corals and reef fish, it is amazing the huge variance in temperament and conditions that are shown.

We can't itemize each fish type available, but we will be providing sections on:

We also have a page showing all the individual fish species in our listing. These are listed alphabetically by Scientific name

It is always best to research the fish that are being put in an aquarium. Quite a number of potential problems can be avoided when you already have some knowledge of the general personality and traits a particular species generally shows.

Although fish do show general common traits within their species, there are always individuals that can act out of the normal understanding. Even though that may be true, it is important to know the general parameters to make a wise decision.

Fish can be chosen on basis of personality, general adult size and even the size of the aquarium they are going to be placed. Fish will continue to grow somewhat.

If you do choose a juvenile that has the potential to outgrow the aquarium, make sure you are prepared to find a new place to move them to that will continue to fulfill their needs.

It is also a good idea to understand the breeding habits, if they are known, of the fish. Many types of fish that are peaceful most of the year will suddenly demand quite a bit more room for their spawning and begin to force the other inhabitants to a much smaller area.

If you are interested in breeding many of these types of fish, it is best to have a separate breeding tank where these fish can be placed when their spawning behaviour becomes a danger for the rest of the aquarium inhabitants.

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